Growstack enables anyone to create meaningful progress with advanced vertical farming

We make the technology and knowledge highly accessible. Now an open community is co-creating the food solutions the world needs.

We’re starting right here in Copenhagen and you’re welcome.

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The next Growstack event

Vertical Wednesday #9
June 6th 6PM – Growstack meetup!
This time we get a visit from Belgian Foodtech investors and industry professionals Argonauts.
Also, we catch up with progress, meet new community members and have fun while turning ideas into next steps.

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There are other events coming up!
Hackathons, Meetups, Vertical Wednesdays.


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The community behind GROWSTACK is for all open-minded people who wants to get involved hands-on with food technology and are willing to share knowledge.

We are everything from engineers, designers and entrepreneurs to food professionals, scientist and farmers. There’s room for you too in CPH Foodtech Community.

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